Components of modelix

The modelix platform is composed of multiple individual components which can be combined together to form a system bringing models to the web. Components are distributed across the following repositories:

This page serves as an overview over all existing repositories, their components, and a short description. For more dense information about component, please navigate to the Table of modelix Components.

List of currently available components in modelix

Modelix platform (main)

The modelix.platform repository contains the Gradle platforms for modelix. It provides all modelix component versions for each modelix platform release.

Modelix core (main)

The modelix.core repository contains the core components of the modelix platform. These components include among others the

All components in this repository have no dependencies to JetBrains MPS.

Modelix samples (main)

The modelix samples repository contains a couple of examples that show various aspects of the modelix platform. The primary focus of the samples is to show how you can apply modelix to bring languages and models defined in MPS into the web. On the basis of (meta-)models defined in MPS, external access is provided using the JVM (Java/Kotlin) and web frameworks/tools. Everything shown in the samples is intended to enable you to come up with your own use cases and architectures based on what is provided here.

Not all features of modelix are shown here, so this is not a complete demo of everything modelix can do.