Build components using Gradle

Build from console

The modelix project uses Gradle to build the individual components. Simply call the following in the top level folder of a repository:

./gradlew build   # mac/linux

or if you are on windows use:

gradlew.bat build   # windows

IntelliJ Idea

Wherever possible we use the latest IntelliJ IDEA IDE to manage projects in our repositories. Consequently, opening any repository with IntelliJ will also allow you to build and eventually contribute.

modelix Artifact Publication

At the moment most modelix artifacts are stored on the itemis nexus with no access restriction. As a consequence, when you build modelix or use modelix components via Gradle there is no repository access setup required.

How to set up GitHub packages authentication

This is optional when you want to obtain modelix artifacts from GitHub packages rather than the itemis nexus server.

Most packages are also published to GitHub packages for which a GithHub account and credentials are required.

To access GitHub packaged you need to specify your credentials. First of all you will need to generate a personal access token with access to GitHub Packages. The project assumes that your username is available as the variable gpr.user and the token as gpr.key. The easiest way to configure the credentials is copy the example below, paste it into the file in the repository and replace the values with your credentials:

gpr.user=<your GitHub login>
gpr.key=<your personal access token>

Gradle also supports other locations for specifying these properties.