How-To Run the Light model-server in MPS as a Plugin

You can run a light version of the model-server directly in MPS via the dedicated MPS as Modelix Model Server Plugin, which is published over at the JetBrains Marketplace.

More information on the component in general can be found in the corresponding component reference.

A light model-server does not provide the full features as an independent model-server instance will. More advanced features will not work with this light version (e.g., modelix specific repositories/branches, or the metrics).

If you want the full capabilities of the model-server, check out how to start it standalone.

How to Install the Plugin

In MPS navigate to menu:File[Settings > Plugins (left) > Marketplace (top)]. Search for "modelix model server" and press btn:[Install] and afterwards btn:[Restart IDE].

Installing the MPS model-server plugin

You can access the light model-server via the light-model-client.

How to Run the Plugin

Once you restart MPS, the light model-server will start automatically with MPS. There are no graphical user interfaces, but to verify you can check the MPS log for

starting modelix server

The model-server will run by default on port 48305. You can check the health status over at

If you want to find out how connect a client and send queries to the plugin, have a look at the usage docs for the