How-To use the light-model-client

If you are interested in a more practical usage of what is presented here, check out the samples project

Creating an instance that loads the entire model from the server can be done like this:

val client = LightModelClient.builder()
    .url("ws://localhost/json/v2/test-repo/ws") // optional, by default it connects to the MPS plugin

You have to set a model query using changeQuery() to tell the server in what data you are interested in.

Without a query the client will not receive any data.
client.changeQuery(buildModelQuery {
    root {
        descendants {  }

To read or write any nodes you have to start a read/write transaction by using runRead {}/runWrite {}. An exception is thrown when you try to access a node outside a transaction.

val rootNode = client.waitForRootNode()!!
client.runRead {
    val modules = rootNode.getChildren("modules")
    // ...
If you try to access a node that is not included in your model query an exception is thrown.

You can use INode.isLoaded() to check if a node was loaded on the client to prevent this exception. You can also filter a list of nodes like this: node.getChildren("modules").filterLoaded(), to iterate only over the nodes that are included in your query.