How-To test model-api client code without a model-server

If you want to test code that processes model-api instances, you can do this in-process without a running (light-) model-server. Use the following pattern to set up your test fixture containing model-api instances:

val branch = ModelFacade.toLocalBranch(ModelFacade.newLocalTree())
branch.runWrite {
    val root = branch.getRootNode()
    val someRootNode = root.addNewChild(null, C_SomeConcept.untyped()).typed<N_SomeConcept>()
    someRootNode.member.addNew(-1, C_OtherConcept).apply {
        name = "some test property value"

All classes of the pattern C_* and N_* are generated using the model-api-gen.