Metamodel for the samples

The MPS language (aka. metamodel) used in all examples is the same. It is fairly small as describes a simplified lecture schedule.

The language intentionally does not use expressions. Creating editors for expressions manually is tedious, and modelix has no support yet for generating these editors for you.

The main concepts of the language are:

  • RoomList

    Root node that contains rooms.

  • Room

  • LectureList

    Root node that contains lectures.

  • Lecture

    Lectures are held in rooms.

  • Schedule

    A lecture is scheduled.

    • OnetimeSchedule

      A lecture can be scheduled once.

    • WeeklyRecurringSchedule

      Or a lecture can be scheduled weekly until an end date

      You will find more concepts in the language like SemesterPlan, Tutor and Equipment they are not used in the samples as of now.