The modelix samples repository contains a couple of examples that show various aspects of the modelix platform. The primary focus of the samples is to show how you can apply modelix to bring languages and models defined in MPS into the web. On the basis of (meta-)models defined in MPS, external access is provided using the JVM (Java/Kotlin) and web frameworks/tools. Everything shown in the samples is intended to enable you to come up with your own use cases and architectures based on what is provided here.

Not all features of modelix are shown here, so this is not a complete demo of everything modelix can do.

None of the examples try to reuse editors defined in MPS. If your goal is to reuse MPS editors as is, then modelix itself ships with a Projector integration to achieve this.

While all the examples use the same language defined in MPS they are not meant as one complete example but rather as individual parts. The purpose of the examples is to give inspiration for what is possible with modelix and make you think about and envision your own use cases.

Technical prerequisites

To work with the samples, you need the following software installed.:

  • MPS 2021.2.6

  • Java 11

  • Docker and Docker Compose

    Alternatives like Podman might work, but have not been tested.

Getting started