Use-Case 1: Dashboard

The imaginary domain use-case represents a dashboard like view on model content. This use-case envisions a scenario where an independent client (outside of MPS) wants to consume the content of models defined in MPS, thus requiring read only access.

There are two different variations of this use-case:

  1. Use Case 1a: Dashboard view next to Room

    In this variation, we envision a display next to each room that shows the upcoming lectures in that room. A low power display such as an low power e-ink with showing a simple website via wifi would be sufficient for this scenario.

  2. Use Case 1b: Dashboard View in the Main Hall

    In this variation, we envision a display in the main hall shows the full schedule of all the lectures of the current day. A large display would be used for this scenario, showing a website via wifi which contains the complete schedule.

In both variations, the clients do not need to edit these models and are not capable to run a full MPS instance to show the model content. While the e-ink display does not require automatic updates (the display simply refreshes periodically every 15 minutes), the display in the main hall will require automatic updates (having more power and being a central display it would want to show the newest information at all times).

The dashboard component, an angular app that serves the content of a model, implements such a simple single page application (SPA) for this use-case.